How Can I Get A Website For Free?

How Can I Get A Website For Free?

So you may be wondering “How can I get a website for free?”

It’s actually quite simple. There are free blogging solutions such as which allow you to create your own blog for FREE. Simply sign up and register your own domain with blogger. The catch is you have a shared domain with Blogger, so really your blog will appear on a subdomain. This means your blog name will appear before the word “”.

For example: If you wanted to create a blog on “Suede Shoes For Women” then you could try finding the subdomain name like

This check will be available during the blog registration process. You should always remember to use the best keywords you can in your blog name as this will bring your blog URL into favourable condition during search optimization.


How can i get a website for free

Using the Google keyword tool can be a very useful resource for searching on popular and highly searched keyword terms. It is worth spending much time finding the best keywords and mapping out a plan to create pages or posts of your blog with the rich keyword themes. Once you have registered your blog, start adding rich, keyword optimized content targeted to each particular post or page.

Monetizing Your Blog

There are many ways to monetize your blog. You can add paid advertising, such as Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks or Yahoo Bing ads. Or you can add products for sale from companies such as Clickbank, Commission Junction or Maxbounty, etc.

The best way to earn from your blog with selling products is to place an optin form on your blog and grow a list of subscribers emails so you can establish a communication link to them. Developing relationships with your site visitors and an open communication channel is key to building trust in others and then being able to market products will become an exercise you can master in the future.

Adding multi-media to your blog can also attract more visitors, for instance curating You Tube videos, or adding your own videos can also increase visitor engagement and enhanced user experience.

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