How To Make a Website With WordPress

Before you can begin making money with AdSense it would greatly assist you to know how to make a website with WordPress – Afterall, you need a website. Creating a website is simpler than you may think; the tools are easy to find and most of them are free. The most important thing on your website is going to be the Content, so you will need a Content Management System to add and maintain you content. Most Internet entrepreneurs and marketers find that WordPress is the best CMS for their needs.

There are several CMS available, with different features for different needs. Your CMS will have a dashboard that you will use to control your website. Different vehicles have different dashboards but they all do about the same thing- they control the vehicle to get you where you are going. On one end of the scale there is a 1963 VW Beetle with just a speedometer and a couple knobs, and on the other is the Space Shuttle.

How To Make A Website With WordPress – The Dashboard

The dashboard of the different CMS can vary almost as much. For your site you will want to find something between the two extremes, something that gives more options than the Bug but less bells and whistles than the space ship. For most of us the best compromise will be the WordPress system.

How to make a website with wordpress course

WordPress is an incredibly popular CMS because it just works. It is not a simple system, but it is simple to use because there is a huge team of software nerds who love to make WordPress better. Setting up a website using word press is more complicated than creating a Facebook profile, but not that much more difficult.

Getting Started, You Site Domain and Host

The first step will be to Choose and Register a Domain Name. The Domain name is the address that visitors will use to find your site, and it will also become the brand name for your site, so choose carefully. has tools to help you discover whether your domain name is available, as well as the means to claim it for your own.

Once you have a domain of your very own, you will need to select a Web Hosting Service. Think of the host like the power company; you can have all kinds of neat appliances for your house, but unless someone turns on the juice nothing will happen. Choose your hosting service for its reputation, the features available, and the price of the package which will suit your needs.

How To Make A Website With WordPress – Looking Under The Hood

These early steps really are not much more difficult than buying a book from Amazon. Now it is time to get into the real work, but it really isn’t that much more difficult, and there are lots of resources if you get stuck. Begin by downloading the WordPress software. has all the features that you will find on, but they are Free.

Your host and WordPress will both have tutorials for uploading the software to your site. Again, the steps are not that much more complicated than starting an email account, but there will be more of them, and the terms may not be as familiar. Just follow the tutorial and you’ll do fine. Tip: keep a notebook next to your computer and write down your passwords as you go, you’ll need them soon! Newer versions of WordPress will allow you to choose your own passwords rather than depending on randomly generated ones.

Once you have your WordPress dashboard active, click the “Appearance” button on the left, and install the theme you have chosen. The WordPress themes are basic frameworks that help to control the layout and appearance of your pages. You can buy themes or have one custom designed, but there are thousands available for free on the Web.

Next click the Pages button and load the pages that you will need for your site, Home, About, Contact, Products, News, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t have content to place on these pages yet, just leave them blank for now. It will be important later to fill them in soon- the Search Engines are happier with your website if they see good information on these pages and will rank your site higher.

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