How Do I Make An Affiliate Website?

Understanding the elusive question: “How do I make an affiliate website?” involves starting the darn thing. A lot of us keep saying that we want to start a site so that we can begin making money with affiliate marketing, but we are frightened or lazy to get going. Soon you will realize that you cannot start making money until you start!
Actually starting a website is a lot easier than you would imagine. It is very possible to hire someone to create a website for you, but when you find out how simple it is you will wonder why you would want to pay. It is much harder to decide what your site will be about.

How Do I Make An Affiliate Website? Write What You Love!

The most common advice for those starting out in the affiliate marketing game is to find a topic that your know about, even better, one that you are passionate about, and create a website around that. This may not be the most profitable niche, but in the long run, writing about stuff you know about will help you create a better site with more original content. A quality site will be more important to your profitability than the “Trend of the Week”.

How do i make an affiliate website course

Once you have a topic in mind, think of a catchy domain name and register it. Your domain should refer to the topic of your website, because it will make your site easier for users (and search engines) to find. There are plenty of examples of domains which go against this rule, but at this point lets line thing up in our favor where we can!

The domain name should contain one or two keywords relating to your topic. When you have thought of a good one, check with a Domain registry ( is one of the most popular) to see if it is available. URLs ending in .biz, .info, etc are more likely to be available (and can be registered for a few dollars cheaper) but URLs ending in .com or .org are easier for your followers (customers) to remember, and look more professional.

How Do I Make An Affiliate Website? Build Your Web Site

The real fun of creating an Affiliate Marketing Site is designing and setting up the site itself. Go to and download the WordPress software. WordPress is an Open Source software, and there is a team of users from around the world who are dedicated to continuously improving it. For those of us who use WordPress, this means that it is simple to use and there are a huge number of options. This gives us the power to easily create a website that is useful, unique, and attractive.

Important note: Do not purchase PLR (Private Label Rights) websites or use replicated sites if you want to make money. This will get you de-listed from the Google search engine, as Google only want to see unique, quality content.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of WordPress themes available. All we need to do is to place our own words and pictures into the framework of the theme, and we have a web page. There are many plug-ins available that allow us to add features to our sites to make them more useful to us and our site visitors.

One very important plug-in that every site needs is Akismet. WordPress is very popular, and its popularity has made it a target for spammers. The easiest spot to attack a web site is through the Comments, but Akismet will catch and block 99% of the spam.

Write What You Love, and then Write Some More!

Users are not going to interact with your website because it has a catchy name and it is attractively laid out. They need to see content. Lots of it, and there should be fresh content on a regular basis so that visitors have a reason to return.

Great content will attract visitors, and a high traffic rate will make your site attractive to affiliate programs. It is tempting to choose the Affiliate program with the most attractive payment program, but you are likely to see better success by choosing to affiliate with products that relate to the topic of your site.

If at all possible, affiliate with products that you have personally used and enjoyed. Your readers will recognize and trust your personal endorsement, if it is genuine, and that will translate into increased sales (and increased commissions).

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