Keyword Research Basics For Best Results

Keyword Research Basics For Best Results

To clarify keyword research basics – Can you imagine trying to use the Internet without being able to Search? In the earliest days of the Internet, there were no Search Engines. There really wasn’t a need for them when there were only a few sites on the ‘net, but as the World Wide Web exploded, there had to be a way for users to find the information they needed.

The earliest search engines were little more than lists of website titles. Modern search has become more sophisticated, allowing users to find almost any piece of information on the Internet in seconds. Many of us do dozens of searches everyday; it has become more familiar than making coffee. Keyword research basics means thinking about how Search actually works is important to those of us who want to attract visitors to our sites.

What Search Engines Do

When we do a search, the information typed on the Search Bar is known as a keyword or  key phrase. The search engine treats the keyword entry as a question, and returns the results in order of relevancy. We usually get thousands of results in less than a second. Even though there are thousands of results, most users are only going to look at the first few on the page. This is why during keyword research basics it is important to bear in mind, the whole reason is to rank your website high in search results.

Keyword Research Basics – Why Key Words Are Important

In order to attract visitors to your site, you need to determine what keywords will lead search users to it. One method is to spend some time brainstorming to come up with every term that relates to your site or product. Remember that with keyword research basics you are essentially trying to come up with the questions that will eventually lead users to your pages.

Another valuable tool to for keyword research basics for your site is Google’s AdWords tool. There are several keyword tools available, but AdWords is one of the most popular. After all, if we are talking about Search, in most cases we are talking about Google!

Introducing SEO

Once you have developed a list of keywords for your site, the next important step is modifying your site and content to rank high on the Search Engine Results Page. This process is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

Because some site-owners have learned unscrupulous ways to increase their site’s ranking, SEO has gotten a bad name recently. Obviously, when this occurs, users will get Search Results that are of little value to them. When Google Search recognizes “Black Hat” SEO practices (and it usually will) it will punish the site by lowering its ranking This is why site owners must understand the keyword research basics and adhere to best practices for their SEO.

Keyword Research Basics – Why Google Likes SEO

This has led to the belief that Google doesn’t like SEO. This is far from the truth. In fact, Google loves SEO, as long as the optimization is done on Google’s terms. In Google’s opinion, well done SEO makes searching a better experience for their users.

The reason to have consistently efficient keyword research basics skills is that Google is constantly upgrading the the algorithm which controls their page ranking system. Some SEO professionals complain that these efforts make it harder to do SEO. In fact, the upgrades tend to reward sites which include fresh, original, high quality content, while punishing sites that carry “spammy” content and practice Black Hat SEO.

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