Start A Copywriting Business From Your Bedroom

Start A Copywriting Business From Your Bedroom

Spending a good part of the day surfing the Net in your jammies with a copywriting business may either mean you are out of job or plain idle. Although a tanking economy may have forced you to stay home, the opportunity to earn millions, or at least your monthly rent, is boundless.

Today’s modern technology is partly the reason for the increasing number of work-from-home jobs and the growing ranks of home-based entrepreneurs.

Without changing into working clothes, you can start your dream on your kitchen table. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection and something to offer – be it a product or service.

Starting a copywriting business from your bedroom

Copywriting business

Freelance writing is one service that helps a lot of small businesses and one-man firms get work done without hiring staff full-time and paying benefits. Your writing skills can be applied in creating web content or writing CV just like Kathy Sweeney, the foremost expert in the industry and founder/CEO of The Write Resume, who crafts resumes for people all over the world.

But before hanging your electronic shingle, it is best to find out if you and your business are a fit.

Starting A Copywriting Business – Is it for you?

If you are a compelling and creative writer, you can craft copy or words for websites, marketing materials, blog posts and more for individuals and companies. But working from home doesn’t exempt you from working 8 hours a day/5 days a week because clients need to receive your work on the agreed date. Researching your article is important because it gives you confidence and authority when writing.

With A Copywriting Business – Sell yourself

You need to let others know where to find you. Participate in newsgroups, forums and mailing lists related to marketing to land orders if not leads. Having a well designed signature file will increase awareness and direct traffic to your Website or blog. Contribute articles to e-zines to showcase your expertise and craft. Using social media like Facebook and Twitter will also create more audience and potential customers for your business.

Although the startup costs in setting up a copywriting business entails as little as the cost of putting up a website, the huge amount of work that goes into running your business and being your own salesman will need big doses of inspiration, drive, and persistence.

Tiring it may be, lounging in your pajamas with your new copywriting business can be worthwhile after all.