What Is Adsense?

Since the birth of publishing, printers, writers and publishers have been trying to make money with their product well before understanding what is Adsense. If Adsense had been around then, there probably would have been ads on the pages of Gutenberg’s bibles.

In the world of print, there were two basic ways to make money. The first and most obvious is to sell the printed materials, especially in the form of books. The trick to this “business model” is to have books that people are going to want to read, and therefore buy. This is easy if you have good stories, but there is a fly in the ointment. Libraries.

The next way to make money in printed publishing is to sell advertising space within the body of the printed material. This is the model used by magazines and newspapers for decades, and it has been marvelously beneficial for everyone, even readers! Print ads can be annoying, but no where near as irritating as TV commercials. At least you never have to wait for a commercial to get up from a magazine article to go to the bathroom!

What Is Adsense And How It Originated

As important as Gutenberg’s press was in creating what became mass media, it is just a drop n the bucket compared to the power the Internet has had in allowing people to share their thoughts, ideas, and writing. For just a few dollars a year, anyone can start and maintain a website, and with a Website you are able to share your creativity or send your message to the whole world.

What is Adsense?

There are some interesting philosophical and ethical concerns when this much communication power is in the hands of ordinary people. The important one is the same one that has been with us since the birth of publishing:

How are you going to make money with it?

The Internet takes its lessons from print. The first solution is to directly sell content (it is interesting that the first big money maker on the ‘net was pornography). The other option is to sell space on your web pages to advertisers.

What Is Adsense – Robots Are Your Friends

Selling ads and advertising space sounds like a terrific pain in the arse, and in print it was. In the age of the Internet, our friends our Google have made it simple. The secret is another service from the Google empire called AdSense.

Just what is AdSense? At its heart, AdSense is another robot from the Google empire. Google prefers to the term “algorithm” for its robots. Just like the robots in a car factory, the Google robots perform simple or complicated tasks, over and over again, in response to certain conditions. In the case of AdSense, the task is matching visitors to your site with advertisements that they will find useful.

Obviously this is good for the advertiser, because they get their message to people who are actually interested in their product. It is even better for site owners, because AdSense does the work of finding advertisers to buy space on your website.

If you own a website or blog, or you are considering starting one, AdSense can be a terrific way to generate income from your creativity. The appeal of AdSense is that it is a pretty simple thing for the site owner to use. Of course there are techniques to maximize its effectiveness, and make AdSense generate more income.

Watch this space, and we will discuss not only what is Adsense, but how to get started with AdSense. And turn it into a real money maker!

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