Is It Possible To Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

Is It Possible To Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

The short answer to the question “Is it possible to make money with affiliate marketing?” is Yes, yes it is possible.

This is also a good answer. Not only is it the truth, but it is what all of the other Affiliate Marketing bloggers want me to tell you. However, leaving it at that is doing you a disservice.

It is also possible to make money buying and running a fast-food franchise. It is possible to make money buying old houses, fixing them up and then reselling them. There is also a possibility of making money prospecting for gold. For that matter, it is theoretically possible to make money playing in the casino, but it should be pretty obvious that profit is not very probable.

A better question would be “Will YOU make money with affiliate marketing?” Now the answer begins to get a little fuzzy because I cannot answer it for you. What we can do in this blog is to give you some honest information so that you can begin to answer it for yourself.

Make Money Affiliate Marketing – What Is Affiliate Marketing?

is it possible to make money affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is simply a marketing scheme where a business pays an affiliate for each customer that the affiliate brings to the business. There are a number of different schemes on the Internet, each of which have demonstrated different degrees of success for the affiliates who work with them.

All of the schemes that have lasted for more than a couple months are successful for the businesses that are using them as marketing tools. Most marketing tactics involve a certain degree of risk for the business running the marketing campaign. For the business the attraction is that the Affiliates are paid on the basis of their performance. They only get paid if they bring customers who actually become a lead or sale.

Make Money Affiliate Marketing

Unfortunately, the practice of Affiliate Marketing itself has been marketed. As anyone who has sat through late night TV can tell you, hard-sell marketers occasionally have a tenuous relationship with the truth. Not that they would ever lie, but sometimes it is best not to let facts get in the way of the truth.

One of claims that marketers love to make is the promise of Passive Income from affiliate marketing. The idea is that you will spend a few hours creating a website, add a few affiliate marketing links and tools, and once the site is launched it will begin bringing in money, and it will keep making money for as long as your remember to pay the fees to keep the domain current.

It is not something for nothing, but it is a little far-fetched.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Passive Income is a hoax. There may be examples were something similar happened a period of time, but it would not have lasted. You cannot expect to make money without investment, and in the case of Affiliate Marketing the investment is constant attention and hard work.

The Real Secret Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a business. Affiliate Marketers are business people. Business people expect to make money, but they understand that money will not fall from the sky if they are not going to work for it.

When you look at Affiliate Marketing as a business rather than a Magic Money Machine, certain realities fall into place. Like any business, an investment is required before there will be any success, but unlike most business, the investment is not one of capital.

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The investment you will need to make to be successful in affiliate marketing is your time. So to answer the question: Is it possible to make money affiliate marketing? is Yes – But take time to learn the ins and outs of the business, time to develop your websites, and time to keep your sites current and optimized.