Sourcing Traffic For Your Affiliate Marketing Site

Learn All About Sourcing Traffic For Your Affiliate Marketing Site

It should be obvious, sourcing traffic for your affiliate marketing site is a critical aspect of making money online – Even to beginning affiliate marketers, no affiliate marketing service is going to pay just to have their ads on your website. You are going to make money if you have visitors to your site who buy whatever it is that the vendor is selling. No one will buy after visiting your site unless you can get them to visit in the first place. The most valuable thing that you can have for your website is Traffic!

Traffic is Good, “Quality Traffic” is Better

Let’s rephrase that. The most important thing to have is Quality Traffic. Traffic is simply a number. Quality traffic means attracting visitors who are ready to make a purchase from the merchants who advertise on your website. There is a vision in my mind of a guy sitting in front of his computer, with his credit card in his fist, wrapped in the Snuggy he bought from late night TV at 2:30 in the morning.

Sourcing traffic for your affiliate marketing site

There is nothing wrong with generating massive amounts of traffic. Traffic generates traffic, and amongst all those visitors you will find the guys with their credit cards in their fists. The ones who are going to make us some money.

Introducing SEO

An important concept in any sort of on line commerce is SEO, Search Engine Optimization for sourcing traffic for your affiliate marketing site. SEO supposes that almost anything that occurs on the ‘net begins with a search. If you think about your own search habits, you will realize that out of the thousands of results you will get from even the simplest search, the only ones that you are actually going to look at are the first half dozen or so on the page. If you find what you need there you are going to click the link; if not you will refine your search.

The mission of SEO is to get your site as close to the top of the search results as possible which will give a huge lift when sourcing traffic for your affiliate marketing site. There are several factors that the search engines will consider as they rank pages for the search results. In the past, SEOs were able to use “Black-hat” techniques to increase page-rank and get more traffic for their clients. The problem was that this would create a lousy user experience, and most of the traffic that it did generate would not be quality traffic.

“It Takes Money To Make Money”

This saying always sounds like bad news, especially when you don’t have a lot of money! Luckily, the spirit of the cliché is correct, but the words aren’t quite accurate. You need to make an investment in order to make money, but that investment doesn’t necessarily have to be money.

SEO can be expensive, but that is because SEO is a time consuming process. (If you see a SEO who promises to get your site into the #1 spot immediately, look close, that SEO is wearing a Black Hat.) The question is whether you going to pay someone to put in the time for SEO or if you are willing to put in the time yourself.

Tell Your Friends

Most of us have been approached a friend involved with a Multi-Level Marketing scheme. The tactic of MLM is as simple as it is nefarious; try the product, agree to sell it, and then bother your friends and family until they agree to do the same. MLM has been called the greatest home business opportunity of the decade, or the most effective way to become alienated from your family.

However, using the MLM tactic of soliciting your friends and family can be a very effective way to get traffic for your site. They will be more receptive than to a MLM pitch because there is no obligation to clicking a web-link, and they can decide for themselves whether the site provides them with value. If your friends are interested in the topic of your site, they probably will, and they will tell their friends.

When it comes to Social Media it seems like there are two sorts of people; those who can’t be bothered and those who have to update their status every time they turn around. You may not fall into either extreme, but if you do have a large number of social media contacts, be sure that EVERYONE OF THEM know about your website. At the very least, your closest friends (the ones you know in real life) will want to see your project, and traffic attracts traffic.

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