The Basics Of List Building

The Basics Of List Building – Why Multi Level Marketing Is So Effective, and Irritating

Have you ever found yourself involved in a Multi Level Marketing pitch? MLM is a marketing scheme where the sales force doesn’t just receive commission for the sales that they make; they are encouraged to recruit other salesmen so they can share in their commission. We are not going to discuss the ethics of MLM, other than to point out that it has been compared to Ponzi and pyramid schemes. There is probably no better way to alienate yourself from your friends and relatives than to get involved in Multi Level Marketing.

MLM does, however, have some important lessons for those of us getting started in affiliate marketing. The reason that MLM is so effective, and the reason it is so universally hated, is that sales are based more on the relationship between the consumer and the marketer than the value of the product. You would never imagine yourself buying an obscure brand of overpriced instant coffee, let alone committing to push the product yourself, but when sweet old Aunt Tilly asks you to at least listen to the pitch, it is hard to say No.

the basics of list building

The people who will have the most success in MLM are those who have a great number of friends and relations that they can put the touch on. In other words, they have a built in List.

The Basics Of List Building & Why You Need A List

The basic idea of Internet affiliate marketing is that visitors are attracted to your site for the content, and they decide for themselves whether or not to take the step of interacting with the merchants who the site is affiliated with. However, if you have a list of contacts, rather than waiting for them to find your site, you can reach out to them with the message that they might be interested in what you have on your site.

A potential customer’s name on your List is a thing of value. Like anything else that is valuable, you can’t expect people to give you their contact information without receiving something of value in return. In the case of your website, your content has value if it is entertaining and informative. You might be able to harvest contact information on that basis alone, but there are more direct and effective ways.

The Basics Of List Building – Getting Users On Your List

Examples include allowing your site visitors to participate in surveys. In other words, their opinions are recorded and they get to see whether others share their opinions. Another good reason for visitors to give their contact info is so the promise of updates to your site; if your blog or site is dedicated to a hobby or passion, your visitors may be interested in following your progress.

One of the most popular of the basics of list building strategies is the promise of “free knowledge”. This occurs when you offer a free eBook or video series to your visitors in exchange for their contact information.

Responsibilities of the List Holder

It is obvious that your List has value, but that value may be squandered if it is not treated with respect. Some marketers have no problem pitching every product they are affiliated with to everyone who makes it on to their List. From the stand point of immediate profitability this may seen like a reasonable tactic, but how long do you think it will take Aunt Tilly before she begins to get left out of family functions?

With the basics of list building, you should treat your List like you would the content of your website, and keep in mind that quality traffic is more important than high traffic.

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