Which Is The Best Target Niche With Affiliate Marketing?

Which Is The Best Target Niche With Affiliate Marketing?

This question – “Which Is The Best Target Niche With Affiliate Marketing”? should be an easy question to answer; the best Niche is the one where you are going to make the most money, right?

‘Tain’t necessarily so. Yes, Affiliate Marketing is a business, and making a profit is the whole idea, but everyone is going to be looking at profitability. What you want is a niche where you can dominate. Two ways to do that is to build a website which absolutely tromps on the competition, or else find a niche without much competition. The truth is, it is theoretically easier to do the latter than the former.

Target Niche With Affiliate Marketing – Go With What You Know

The traditional advice is to find a topic that you know about and enjoy, and blog about that. This is still good advice, but there are a few holes in the traditional logic. One of the biggest comes from very serious Internet marketers who reply “Blog about what I love? I can learn to love whatever topic generates profits!”

Target niche with affiliate marketing

The biggest problem with the “Blog What You Love” approach is that if what you love is something a lot of other people are blogging about, it is difficult to rise to the top. Get around this by further narrowing your niche.

One of my favorite examples is the recipe niche. In fact, cooking and recipes have become too broad to be considered niches any more. Few of us are willing to make the investment necessary to take on Food Network or Food.com. However, there is still plenty of room to narrow your focus on more specialized cooking niches.

There are specialized types of cooking such as ethnic or regional specialties, there are specialized cooking situations like cooking for working mothers or confirmed “guy” cooks, there are specific techniques which can be addressed like gas grill cooking or crock-pot cooking. However there is a danger of over specializing your niche.

Target Niche With Affiliate Marketing – Avoid Over Specializing

When your niche is too narrow you will quickly run out of material, your content will become stale, and you will be in danger of dropping off the search engines. If that happens, all of your efforts will be wasted time. Another danger of over-specialized niches is a lack of possible income streams. This is rare in the cooking niche, there is always something to market to cooks; new pots, new gadgets, or even specialty ingredients linked to Amazon.

One danger of over focusing your niche is that you may lose the vital personal touch. Can you effectively blog about your niche? If you are blogging about fixing lunches for school kids, have you actually had to pack the lunches yourself? You readers will be able to tell, and if they do not believe that you are genuine, not only will they leave your site, they will not click your ads!

Somewhere there are marketers who are able to write passionately about get-rich-quick-with-over-night-weight-loss-techniques, but most of us bounce right off their sites when we accidentally come upon them. Blog what you love, love what you blog, and sell to people who feel the same way.

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